Development Squad Programme

Invite only

Available at:

Blackburn with Darwen Hub

Age Groups:

Reception (Age 4 turning 5 within the current academic year)

Year 1 (Age 5 turning 6 within the current academic year)

Year 2 (Age 6 turning 7 within the current academic year)

Year 3 (Age 7 turning 8 within the current academic year)

Year 4 (Age 8 turning 9 within the current academic year)

Little Lions 6 Year Journey

We believe football is for everyone, however at foundation age the differentiation can be huge and we aim to ensure we can offer a learning environment to suit all children. On Tuesday evenings our selected development squads will train together in their respective age groups. We have great links with EPPP academies and visit clubs to play games and expose children to an academy environment throughout the season.

U6s-U9s aim will play fixtures every month from September – May. We will also tap into sport science with player profiling in key parts of the season. All players are required to purchase club kit which will be required for training and fixtures. This will be purchased from our Club Shop

When children reach academic years we aim to group children to ensure we create a fantastic learning environment to suit all children. If we deem your child as striving your child will be invited into our development squad programme. Our development squad programme at each age group have capacity caps to ensure quality is maintained through session management.

Our development squads will give us the chance to nurture and challenge children who have a special talent and give them the best chance to reach promising potential in a fun, challenging and motivating environment. Our development squads have a 5 year plan which concludes at the end of the U9s (Year 5 academic year group).

Development Squads will be recruited from all 3 hubs at the respective age groups.

we bridge the gap

We provide a path to develop players and give them the confidence to strive in challenging environments

Our Aim:


We want every player to feel proud to be part of our developments squads and a desire to learn and represent us on a monthly basis
Founder of Little Lions (Nathan), believes there are many talented footballers that need additional quality coaching to reach that next level to get scouted. Our driving passion is to give those players the same opportunities as those in pro club academies.

At Little Lions all players and parents are asked to show the same commitment and discipline that you would attending a professional academy. Every player will be given feedback after each fixture, feedback at the end of each season and data from player profiling.



Player Profiling

Player Feedback

Player Uniform

We want every child to get the right level of support to maximise their potential throughout their school life and beyond

Coach Nathan

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