Foundation Programme

Open to all abilities

Available at:


Age Groups:

Year 2 (Age 6 turning 7 within the current academic year)

Year 3 (Age 7 turning 8 within the current academic year)

Year 4 (Age 8 turning 9 within the current academic year)

Little Lions 5 Year Journey

Foundation programme exists to give something extra to all those players involved at grassroots, players who want to be part of something, players who want to practice more and players that still want to be part of Little Lions. A one hour coaching session for grassroots players isn’t going to improve you as a player you will only be maintaining ability.

In the foundation programme players build on skills and techniques learnt in the pre-foundation and aim to stretch their learning further, but still freedom to play creatively, creating players who are effective decision makers.

Players are grouped based on ability rather than age to ensure they are in the best environment to aid their growth as an individual player.

Session Key Elements

Maximum ball rolling time

Relevant to the game


Intensity & realistic tempo

Opposed practice

Game practice


Topic related

Enables decision making

Encourage weaker foot practice

Players take risks to facilitate a guided discovery coaching method

Be exciting and positive in possession, playing with individuality and with elements of disguise and surprise

Pete Sturgess

FA Technical Lead Coach Age 5-11